Issue #11 - July 2008
All That Glitters Is/Not Gold

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This bumper final issue of Is Not Magazine asks us to come clean about our true desires. Our contributors share their disappointment when a promised showdown with a childhood nemesis results in pity rather than triumph, when a longed-for change of government results in more of the same, when sexual encounters don’t live up to romantic expectations… or even more uncannily, when the reality is exactly like the brochure. Others reassess superficial trash as an honest delight or show the disgusting underbelly (real or imagined) of consuming pop culture. And there’s plenty here about that special shiny metal itself: our contributors explain how it’s dug from the ground and assigned value by everyone from gourmands to pirates.

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BY Robert Barton

Robert Barton travels to the urban fringe, where housing comes with a pre-fab community READ ON →

Friday September 26, 2008

No more Is Not Magazine! Ever!

Well, it’s been almost a month since Is Not Magazine officially wound up. We’re all enjoying our new jobs, new creative projects and most of all, having our leisure time back again. We’re still running our regular internet video screening, YouTube Tuesday, as long as it remains fun and people still want to come. It’s on the second Tuesday of every month at LOOP in Meyers Place, Melbourne. Screening begins around 6:30pm or whenever Jeremy decides to rock up.

We continue to check our Is Not Magazine email addresses with varying regularity, and we’re happy to make ourselves available for advice, interviews, enquiries on pending orders, &c. But we are not in a position to sell or post any more magazines or merchandise. No exceptions. Is Not Magazine is over now. Long live Is Not Magazine!

Wednesday August 20, 2008

Fire Sale - your final chance to buy Is Not Magazine!

If you’ll be in Melbourne on Thursday 28 August or Saturday 30 August, well lucky you! This means you can seize your absolute final chance to get your hands on a copy of Is Not Magazine. We have been advertising the Fire Sale since May, and now it’s finally happening!

Over two days, we’ll be selling our final bumper three-sheet Issue #11, “All That Glitters Is/Not Gold” ($30), as well as assorted mint-condition back issues ($20), Take-Aways ($5), slightly battered back issues (cheaper, POA) and extremely rare back issues we thought were sold out (more expensive, POA).

There will also be CLOTHING, OFFICE FURNISHINGS AND EQUIPMENT and IS NOT MAGAZINE COLLECTIBLES, plus ENTERTAINMENT consisting of mulled wine for sale, delicious baked goods and short stories written and emailed to you on the spot by an Is Not Magazine editor. Come and hang out with us, have some drinks and laffs, and bring your wallets…

Thursday 28 August, 5pm-9pm
Saturday 30 August, 12pm-6pm
Level 5, Vesta House, 1 Carson Place, Melbourne

After the Fire Sale, Is Not Magazine will be officially wound up and we will be unable to sell, let alone post, any more magazines or merchandise. So if you’ve ever wanted the warm feeling of supporting a foolhardy yet lovable independent publication that still owes money to its printers, BEEEEE THEEERRRRRE!

Tuesday July 22, 2008

Is Not Retrospective Exhibition on now!

Well, we are filled with a swelling pride when we look around the gallery and see every single issue of Is Not Magazine hanging there. Our debut issue with the overpowering ink smell. The ahead-of-its-time fluoro pink of Issue 3. The Merce Cunningham special we did for last year’s MIAF. And of course, the final, ginormous three-sheeter Issue 11, which you’ll also find posted on Melbourne’s streets, right now.

If you’re in Melbourne, come down and check out the show. It’s at 37 A’Beckett Street in the city, open 12-8pm every day until Saturday 26 July. This is also your second-last chance to buy a copy of the final issue, as we are only selling them in person for $30.

Oh, and don’t you forget about our Senior Prom, our final party to raise the necessary capital to pay those printers once and for all. It’s this Friday, 25 July.